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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy can be termed as the science of living. It believes or describes human beings as the epitome of Universe. Accordingly visualizing self in the universe, and the universe in the self, represents the most evolved state of man. Naturopathy believes in this holistic approach of health, which can be achieved by following the laws of nature (Physical Health), Rules of good conduct (Mental/ Social Health) and developing a philosophical attitude and practicing meditation and Yoga (Spiritual Health). 

Naturopathy believes that unless there is harmony between body, mind and spirit, one cannot enjoy healthy life.

Naturopathy is the multi disciplinary approach, which uses the healing power of natural resources like foods, herbs, earth, water and air to allow the body to heal itself. It also lays an emphasis on the importance of positive attitude in determining the state of one’s existence.

To conclude the Naturopathy is the science of holistic health, creating a balance with the nature and a positive living.

Definition of Naturopathy

Naturopathy is a system of man building in harmony with the constructive principles of Nature on physical, mental, moral and spiritual planes of living. It has great health promotive, disease preventive and curative as well as restorative potential.

According to the manifesto of British Naturopathic Association, "Naturopathy is a system of treatment which recognises the existence of the vital curative force within the body." It therefore, advocates aiding human system to remove the cause of disease i.e. toxins by expelling the unwanted and unused matters from human body for curing diseases.


The main principles of Naturopathy are as under:

  1.  All diseases, their cause and treatment are one. Except for traumatic and   environmental conditions, the cause of all diseases is one i.e. accumulation of morbid matter in the body and their elimination from the body is treatment.
  2. The primary cause of disease is not bacteria or virus. Bacteria and virus enter and survive in the body only after the accumulation of morbid matter when a favourable atmosphere for their growth is established in body. Hence, the basic cause is morbid matter, not the bacteria. They are the secondary causes.
  3. Acute diseases are self-healing effort of the body. Hence, they are our friends, not the enemy. Chronic diseases are outcome of wrong treatment and suppression of the acute diseases.
  4. Nature is the greatest healer. Body has a capacity to prevent itself from disease and regain health if unhealthy.
  5. In Naturopathy, patient is treated and not the disease.
  6. Patients suffering from chronic ailments are also treated successfully in comparatively less time by Naturopathy.
  7. After emerging, suppressed diseases can be cured by Naturopathy.
  8. Naturopathy treats all the aspects like physical, mental, social and spiritual at the same time.
  9. Naturopathy treats body as a whole instead of giving treatment to each organ separately.
  10. Naturopathy does not use medicine. According to Naturopathy, “Food is Medicine”.
  11. According to Gandhiji “Rama Nama is the best Natural Treatment", means doing prayer according to one's spiritual faith is an important part of treatment.