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Our Theraphy

In hydrotherapy water application is mode to produce thermic and circulatory reactions in the body. Water applications are made in cold, Neutral and hot temperatures. Cold hydriatic applications are tonic by reaction and used in eliminative and constructive phases. Neutral baths are soothing and relaxing both to the body and mind. Hot applications though atonic by reaction are helpful in mitigating aches, pains and relieve internal congestions. All these treatments are helpful in activating and regulating the functions of all systems of the body. Hydro massage therapy is excellent especially with stress management techniques. The water arrangements by means of which heat and cold are brought to bear are packing, hot or cold, general or local, sweating or cooling hot air or steam baths general baths, hot water or cold sitz, spinal, head or foot baths; bandages , wet or dry; also fomentations and poultices, hot and cold, rubbings and water potations.