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Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy helps not only on cleansing the body but also to bring harmony between the body, mind and spirit. Yogic Kriyas such as jalneti, Sutraneti, Dhauti, laghushankhaprakshalana, shankha prakshalana, Kapalabhati will help a person in cleansing the system and detoxifying. Yogasanas are specially recommended in different form of diseases to improve the functional ability of vital organs, to bring flexibility in joints and the, muscles and to strengthen the spine and improve its agility. The relaxing technique such as Yoganidra will enhance the relaxing capacity of mind which in turn improves stress bearing capacity by strengthening the functions of the endocrinal system and neuromuscular system. The person who perfects the technique of yoganidra achieves improved immunity. The different techniques of Pranayama will help in stimulating the neuro transmitters of the brain which control the entire voluntary and involuntary functions of the body and at the same time enriching body cells with oxygen